Scaffolding Experts

SDB has been performing General Contracting services since 1980. A big part of our success is attributed to our ability to support construction projects with our scaffold services.

SDB offers solutions for scaffolding systems for any industrial or commercial application. We have extensive experience in large operating facilities and our scaffolds have supported over fifteen million square feet of new construction projects.

SDB will visit your jobsite and evaluate your project's scaffolding needs so that we can provide a turn-key installation at an affordable price.


Safety is a top priority in our industry. When it comes to scaffold safety, we promote the safest work environment in order to protect our employees, our customers and the public. Our scaffolding erection specialists efficiently install and dismantle scaffold projects to the highest safety standards.

SDB is also MSHA Certified and able to provide scaffolding services to any mine throughout Arizona.

Scaffolding Services

Our services include design, erection, maintenance, leasing and removal of scaffolding. SDB provides interior and exterior scaffolding, temporary catwalks, work access assemblies, supporting mechanical, electrical, structural and architectural trades.

Shoring Services

SDB specializes in providing shoring for the following conditions: Commercial Demolition, Emergencies, Sacrificial Conditions, Parking Garages, Truss Support, Roof Repair/Replacement and Column Repair/Replacement. We are able to offer the following shoring applications: Needle Beam, Vertical and Sacrificial.

Scaffolding Services:

  • Suspended Scaffolds
  • Ladder & Stair Towers
  • System Scaffold
  • Mobile Scaffolds
  • Tube and Clamp
  • Trash Chutes
  • Shoring

  1. Suspend Scaffolds
    Ladder & Stair Towers
    System Scaffolds
    Mobile Scaffolds
    Tube and Clamp
    Trash Chutes

Scaffolding Projects

Portland State University Pool Scaffold

Portland State University Pool Scaffold

The Portland State University pool had just been refilled with water when a fire sprinkler head above the pool sprung a small leak causing the oily sprinkler water to drip into the pool. The customer needed to keep the pool filled for upcoming events which SDB accommodated by erecting and dismantling the scaffold within 48 hours and without draining the pool.

Custom Built Aluminum Scaffold

Custom Built Aluminum Scaffold

Due to unique circumstances where space was very limited, SDB was contracted to provide our customer with a custom built aluminum scaffold. This custom scaffold was designed to roll into place over a specific machine in a cleanroom environment. Additionally, it included a custom collapsible handrail system to allow it to roll through doorways with height restrictions in order to avoid constant erection and dismantling of the scaffold during the customers mobilization and demobilization process.

Morenci Water Storage Tank Scaffolding

Morenci Water Storage Tank Scaffold

SDB's Scaffolding Division was contracted to install and remove a three level scaffold around the exterior of a 65' diameter x 32' high water storage tank to allow the customer to gain access for sandblasting and painting of the tank.

Stair Tower Enclosure Scaffold

Stair Tower Enclosure Scaffold

Installation and removal of scaffolding which allowed the customer to gain access for sandblasting and painting of a structural stair tower. In order for sandblasting to begin, the stair tower and scaffold needed to be enclosed. This required SDB's scaffold team to provide engineered drawings to ensure that the scaffold was installed with the ability to withstand maximum wind loads.