SDB offers preconstruction services for both large and small projects. Our approach to each job is to first listen and understand what our customer's needs and concerns are. We conduct a preplanning session with the owner, architect and SDB key personnel to collectively define specific project goals with consideration to scheduling, quality control cost and safety.

Preconstruction Services Offered:

Design Assist and/or Lead

Assist with completion of design with the aforementioned details in mind.

Constructability Analysis

Review design criteria for constructability and best methods.

Value Engineering

As design and scopes progress, look for avenues to save the owner money during construction and the life of the product.

Design Reviews

Assist and provide quality, experienced input during the design review process.


Detailed budget planning throughout the entire preconstruction process.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Determine cost over life and return on improvement cost returns.

Critical Path Method & Project Scheduling

Detailed Critical Path Method schedules starting from the day we are on your team.

Long Lead Item Procurement

Along with schedule, identify and procure long lead items to keep your schedule on track.

Guaranteed Maximum Price

Nearing design completion, SDB will create a detailed GMP budget. Our attention to detail for each budget line item ensures our customers have the resources needed to obtain final approval of your project funding.

Permit Procurement

Assist in hand-walking your permit though the process.

Prequalification and Selection

SDB requires subcontractors to be prequalified before awarding any jobs. This allows SDB to maintain a database of prequalified and skilled subcontractors for a wide range of services.