Facility Support Services

SDB’s team is highly-trained and specialized in all facets of healthcare facilities. In 1980, we started our healthcare group as a result of extensive work with cleanrooms. Working with SDB enables healthcare institutions of all sizes to benefit from better services with trained experts. With SDB healthcare solutions you can quickly and easily integrate our expert staff members into your team without having to recruit and train your own talent.

Balancing Healthcare Facility Solutions

The future of healthcare and the changing facility environment has arrived. Due to the evolution of healthcare, transformation of space is a necessity and we are first responders! The most recurring solutions healthcare facilities request us to provide include the following:

  • Integrated Facility Services including both on-site and off-site on-call resources
  • Deferred Maintenance Backlog Relief: Budgets demand “doing more with less” while responding to findings from Facility Condition Assessments and Joint Commission Regulations
  • Installation Management: Supervise the installation of new equipment and furnishings including reconfigurations and relocations
  • Rapid Response infrastructure facilities maintenance, life safety & security upgrades and repair solutions for demand and planned maintenance and repair
  • Sustainable Retrofits to increase energy efficiency, assisting energy service & performance programs, and implementing upgrades for LEED certifications
  • On-Call Medical Facility Construction Renovation Services procured rapidly through GPO and cooperative purchasing

Facility Support Services:

  • On-Call Construction Renovation, Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Integrated Facility Services
  • Medical Equipment Installation Services

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