Job Order Contracting (JOC)

SDB has been performing Job Order Contracting services since 2001 and we continue to earn a reputation as one of Arizona's a premier JOC contractor. Our experience has afforded us the knowledge to assemble a streamlined system for executing JOC projects. We are honored to serve as a primary resource for many of our ongoing facility clients because we respond rapidly to job requests and have the resources of over 200 carpenter and trade professionals to perform work at any given time. SDB is uniquely positioned with the ability and resources to perform and manage multiple JOC projects at the same time. We look to offer our expertise and knowledge on your next JOC project.

JOC Clients

  • Avondale Elementary School District
  • Arizona Air National Guard
  • Arizona Game and Fish Department
  • Arizona State University
  • City of Chandler
  • City of Goodyear
  • City of Phoenix
  • City of Tempe
  • Coconino County
  • ezIQC
  • Gilbert Public Schools
  • Litchfield Elementary School District
  • Maricopa Community College District
  • Maricopa County
  • Maricopa Integrated Health System
  • Mesa Public Schools
  • Mohave Educational Services Cooperative
  • Northern Arizona University
  • Roosevelt School District
  • San Carlos High School District
  • Scottsdale Public Schools
  • Tempe Union High School District
  • University of Arizona
  • Washington Elementary School District

Usery Park Restroom Improvements

Owner: Maricopa County Parks & Recreation  |  Delivery Method: Job Order Contracting (JOC)  |  Budget: $222,394
SDB performed the remodel/improvements to three restroom facilities at Usery Park. The project included selective demolition, asbestos testing and replacement of damaged concrete slabs. The improvements consisted of metal ceilings inside and metal roof outside, new toilet partitions and accessories, new doors/door hardware, new ceramic tile at interior walls, painting inside and out, some new windows, signs, new plumbing fixtures, new lights inside and outside as well as power upgrades.

Lake Pleasant Restroom Improvements

Owner: Maricopa County Parks & Recreation  |  Delivery Method: Job Order Contracting (JOC)  |  Budget: $195,482
SDB performed the improvements to four restroom facilities at Lake Pleasant. The project included selective demolition and asbestos testing, as well as new toilet partitions and accessories, new doors/hardware, repairs to existing ceramic tile at interior walls, painting inside and out, signs, new plumbing fixtures, new shower benches and new outdoor lights.

City of Chandler Airport Terminal Restrooms Remodel

Owner: City of Chandler  |  Delivery Method: Job Order Contracting (JOC)  |  Budget: $48,457
SDB remodeled two existing airport terminal restrooms. Performed selective demolition and removal of all fixtures, ceiling, lights, grilles, floor and wall tile, mirrors, counter-tops, partitions and accessories. Furnished and installed all new features including ceramic tile at walls and floor, lavatory solid surfaces, mirrors, partitions and accessories, and hard lid ceiling with light fixtures. In addition, the restrooms were re-painted and all existing fire protection devices were relocated.

Tumbleweed Recreation Center Marquee Display

Owner: City of Chandler  |  Delivery Method: Job Order Contracting (JOC)  |  Budget: $44,939
SDB installed a new outdoor marquee/display at Tumbleweed Recreation Center so the City can project their activities and others. Provided design development assistance services, selective site demolition, underground detection/locator, blue stake, removal of existing plants/tree and irrigation re-direction, foundations, block walls, structural support steel, decorative steel panel, metal roof, electrical and power, access panels, glass (decorative) and installed the new screen, plus programming, testing and City training.

Armstrong Elementary Library Renovations

Owner: Highland Park Independent School District  |  Delivery Method: Job Order Contracting (JOC)  |  Budget: $256,433
Interior demolition and renovation of an existing elementary school library. The project included minor interior demolition, new framing and drywall, plaster wall repairs, new electrical, new data cabling, new AV system in computer lab and media center, HVAC system modifications, new storefront glass walls and media room enclosure, new millwork and shelving, new carpet and new paint.

Barrett Honors Office Space Remodel

Owner: Arizona State University  |  Delivery Method: Job Order Contracting (JOC)  |  Budget: $358,343
SDB remodeled the office space on the first and second floors of ASU’s Barrett Honors building. The first floor included the remodel of office space to build new work areas, a large meeting room and new conference room. The second floor improvements consisted of 14 new offices and open work space. The scope of work included demolition, framing, drywall, drywall finishing, fire watch, doors, electrical, HVAC and controls, air balancing, flooring, painting, acoustical ceilings, storefront and glazing.

ADOT Surprise MVD Facility Remodel

Owner: Arizona Department of Transportation  |  Delivery Method: Job Order Contracting (JOC)  |  Budget: $342,746
This SDB project included: Selective demolition, structural wood, concrete, new walls, doors, ceilings, finishes, paint, millwork, plumbing, new restrooms, some flooring, electrical/lights.

Grand Canyon Airport Renovations

Owner: Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)  |  Delivery Method: Job Order Contracting (JOC)  |  Budget: $168,970
Grand Canyon Airport Renovations
SDB’s scope of work included reroofing five existing canopies, replacing all storefront glass and windows with new energy efficient glass and masonry wall repair at the terminal. Additionally, SDB provided renovations for existing bathrooms and replaced pellet stoves with wood stoves for all employee housing.

ASU Facilities Management Tempe Sign Turf Removal

Owner: Arizona State University  |  Delivery Method: Job Order Contracting (JOC)  |  Budget: $103,292
The Tempe Sign Turf Removal project consisted of removing the grass areas around existing signs and installing concrete headers/dividers, relocating existing signs and installing seven new signs. The scope of work included installing new desert landscaping, relocating the lawn sprinkler system and installing some concrete pads.

Camp Colley Deck Replacement

Owner: City of Phoenix  |  Delivery Method: Job Order Contracting (JOC)  |  Budget: $240,883
The Camp Colley Deck Replacement consisted of SDB removing the existing log post deck and replacing with heavy timber post and beam construction with Trex decking. The project included new concrete footings with stone overlay finish.