High Tech Projects

SDB's roots are firmly planted in the high-tech industry. Since the company's inception in 1980 we have established ourselves as a leader in this specialized industry. We continue to work at our client's high-tech facilities constructing clean rooms, labs and working with strict containment construction and safety methods. SDB has been awarded numerous awards in this industry and we continue to set a standard for excellence in high-tech facility construction. In addition, SDB has performed various data center and server room renovations and build-outs as part of our long history of tenant improvement (TI) and renovation work to serve many of our regular clients' networking needs. These data center projects rely heavily on SDB's extensive semiconductor and clean room work experience, which usually involve large amounts of mechanical and electrical system upgrades.

High Tech Clients

  • Maricopa Integrated Health Systems
  • City of Chandler
  • Washington ESD
  • City of Goodyear
  • The Tech Group

Gilbert Public Schools Data Room

Owner: Gilbert Public Schools  |  Delivery Method: Job Order Contracting (JOC)  |  Budget: $152,944
The data room renovation project consisted of installing (3) owner provided APC CRAC units, (1) APC UPS with battery cabinet and (1) APC power distribution unit including startup and commissioning, new waterless fire suppression with leak detection, furr-out and air seal tight room envelope for waterless fire suppression, new concrete slab for CRAC condensing units, new acoustical ceiling tile with clips and new 400A electrical panel.

CAP Transformer Protection Project at 14 Pumping Plants

Owner: Central Arizona Project  |  Delivery Method: Job Order Contracting (JOC)  |  Budget: $677,236
This project consisted of the installation of transformer oil monitoring equipment including fiber optic cabling to plant IDF Rooms at 14 CAP pumping plants. This entailed installation of owner supplied equipment, installation of valves and unitstrut for oil supply and return lines, connection to the plant grounding grid, trenching for underground electrical conduit and piping for stainless steel supply and return lines from each transformer to monitoring equipment. SDB worked in unison with the CAP project manager, plant managers and plant electricians to coordinate and meet outages and the re-energizing of each transformer, with some working times as short as four hours to complete piping and wire terminations at transformers in order to minimize interruptions to the pumping operations of the plant.

City of Chandler 911 Communications Center Remodel

Owner: City of Chandler  |  Delivery Method: Job Order Contracting (JOC)  |  Budget: $896,079
Project details included the mobilization of temporary office space in order to relocate an active 911 communication center. Work was performed in multiple shifts that included off hour and weekend work so as not to interrupt the 911 call center operations. The remodel included installation of new energy efficient mechanical equipment, electrical systems and new interior and exterior finishes.