Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)

The CMAR procedure unites Owner, Architect and General Contractor as a cohesive team with the understanding of setting aside personal interests and embracing each other's skill sets in order to accomplish a successful project. SDB has welcomed this concept of project collaboration since the CMAR alternate delivery method was introduced. Working in tandem with Owners and Architects, SDB takes an early role in assisting the team during all phases of the project. Our philosophy is that collaboration, communication and accountability will lead to the overall project success.

CMAR Clients

  • City of Phoenix
  • Maricopa Integrated Health System
  • Arizona State University

Gilbert Detention Center

Owner: Town of Gilbert  |  Delivery Method: Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)  |  Budget: $295,078
SDB remodeled the detention center to meet ADA standards in areas and accommodate prisoners to be held overnight. The scope of work included masonry, detention doors, painting, access controls, cameras, electrical and plumbing.